“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause, and reflect.” -Mark Twain
WHENEVER I find MYSELF on the side of the MAJORITY, it IS time to PAUSE. AND REFLECT.
This quote struck a cord in me this morning that I have been trying to put into words for a while. I am living my life trying to pull away from the majority, trying to break out of the norm, I want to swim against the current and find what is there for those who are willing to break away and work for it!
I am done with the 9-5 and the paycheck to paycheck life, I am done. AND I am already accomplishing it. I am already done sitting at a desk and building someone else’s dream. I am already experiencing the freedom. I am separating my income from my time and I am going to thrive in it.
This quote speaks true not just to me, my entrepreneurial dreams and my race for my families freedom.
This quote also applies to YOU, to our country in it’s state of struggle to find a balance, Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, Trump vs. Clinton, saying vs. DOING. We have become a country of “go with the flow-ers” and have adapted to selective ignorance and have chosen to check out and just side with the ease of the Majority.
BUT what if we checked in, checked out what is going on and showed up to the fight? What if we pause right now, and reflect and then FOLLOW OUR OWN OPINIONS based on the reality that we are living in and NOT based on the news outlets and the majority of people we are spending our time with.
What could we accomplish? What could we change? Our world is led by the majority, and I for one, am working hard to stand up and stand out and design my own life, build my own dream and form my own opinions. Majority or not, whatever you choose, make sure you are staying true to who you are and what you believe and taking time to figure out what that actually is.
Be Unique, Be Independent, Be Unapologetically You!

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