Pinch Me! Am I really going to Punta Cana for FREE?!?

When I sat down at my computer at 9 am this morning to register for the trip that I was so excited to qualify for, there were probably 1000’s of others doing the same thing…because the moment I hit the “REGISTER NOW” link, I got a SOLD OUT message!

I cried.

A lot.

Then refreshed the page.

Then cried more.

Then repeated that cycle of denial for about 45 minutes!

THEN…I got on my knees (while hitting the refresh button of course;) ) and I gave it to God…all of it. I had a deep feeling in my heart that I was meant to be on this trip.  I KNOW in my being that I am where God wants me…So my prayer looked something like this “Dear Lord, please just take this, take this business, take this trip, take this money, take all of it and do with it what your will is!  Please if I am meant to change these lives and be on this trip PLEASE let the registration open!  If I am not LORD I still know I am in my purpose, I am walking in faith alone in you, I am giving in my time of lack and trusting you to move!  Lord show me what you have for me!…”


My screen freakin’ glitched and the message “Congratulations!  Please complete your Registration for the 2017 Success Club Trip!”

Then I cried a little more and said a prayer of thanks!

Punta Cana Collage

Are you for REAL?!?

If you are anything like me, you have seen posts online about people earning free awesome trips and working from home, and having it all!  And you have thought to yourself…No F-ing way!   What is the catch?

Well let me tell you a secret…

Hard work and dedication CAN change your life!

Today I logged into a website, where, for the first time in my entire life, I booked a trip for my husband and I to a tropical location and an all expense paid trip by Beachbody!  We will have been married 10 years in 2017, we have two incredible kiddos, we have debt, and a mortgage and have never been able to afford to put ourselves first…until now!

I am in shock that right now I am earning a trip with my husband to one of the most incredible places on earth, by taking care of myself and taking care of my family.  THAT. IS. IT.


I decided to put my health first and by doing that, I now am experiencing the freedom that I used to think was never possible.  I used to think there was a catch…there is NO CATCH…there is only a commitment.  And not the kind you make on a contract or financially, but to YOURSELF.  To work hard and love yourself every day, more than you did the day before, to put yourself first and take care of your body, mind and spirit, to focus on changing yourself and in turn YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD WHILE CHANGING THE WORLD!

It really is that simple.  I am an ordinary girl, with an ordinary life, that is becoming more extraordinary by the day.  Are you ready to see what the heck this is all about?  Are you ready to put your health first?  Your family first?  Your goals first?  Are you ready to start living your life…because honestly, 2 months ago…I wouldn’t have been writing this, I wouldn’t have been thinking this, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have been telling people about my FREE trip to Punta Cana!  So let me show you what I am doing, and help you change your life, so you can change others!

I started out drinking my shakeology and doing my workouts for over a year before I decided to actually make it my business.  How long are you going to wait?

I thank God every day for this incredible gift to be walking in my purpose and loving others for a living.  What is your purpose?  Message me!

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